Ja Morant and Nikola Jokic top NBA quotes of the week

Ja Morant and Nikola Jokic top NBA quotes of the week

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Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant weighs in on being tossed for profanity and « questioning integrity » of a referee and more from our NBA Quotes of the Week.

« I feel like when these fans came here, went online to buy these tickets, they didn’t say [referee] Ray [Acosta’s] name to come watch …They came to watch us play. I don’t care about getting finished. »

Morant on being ejected after apparently making remarks to courtside Memphis fans that were derogatory about the officiating

« I think it’s one way to represent yourself. I just don’t like how the guys are dressing up for the games. Wearing a suit means business, it means that I’m here to do my job. »

Denver Nuggets big man Nikola Jokic on his viral pregame suit


« I’m one of the people that changed the game of basketball. Honestly, the only thing that I’m missing is a championship. »

Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard James Harden on reckoning with his legacy via Fox Sports’ Yaron Weitzman

« Obviously I think Steph [Curry] is the greatest ever, but I think after him, I don’t see why I’m not clear-cut in that discussion. »

Portland Trail Blazers all-time leading scorer Damian Lillard on being regarded as one of the greatest shooters in league history

« I got Klay [Thompson]. I like that matchup a little better because he was talking a little smack before when we lost. »

Grizzlies small forward Dillon Brooks on the Christmas Day rematch of last year’s Western Conference finals between Memphis and the Golden State Warriors

« I’m Chris Paul, now graduate of Winston-Salem State University … All these students here have fought their butts off for a while to get their degree … and I just wanted to be a graduate, just like them. « 

Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul after traveling cross-country to receive his diploma between NBA games


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