Brooklyn Nets’ Steve Nash ejected for first time as coach

Brooklyn Nets’ Steve Nash ejected for first time as coach

MILWAUKEE — Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash was ejected for the first time in his coaching career during the third quarter of Wednesday night’s 110-99 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Nash seemed frustrated by several calls throughout the night, but his frustration boiled over with 4:24 left in the third. He said after the game that it was because he thought Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo elbowed Nets point guard Patty Mills in the throat and didn’t get called for it.

Nash was whistled for a technical foul by Josh Tiven and lost his temper. The usually mild-mannered coach, in disbelief that he was called for a technical, launched into a heated disagreement.

Several players and coaches tried to hold Nash back as he continued arguing and was quickly called for his second technical and ejected.

Nets guard Kyrie Irving was one of several players who tried to calm Nash down and put his hands on his shoulders, but Nash walked off the floor while receiving support from players at the end of the bench. Nash’s players seemed to appreciate that their coach was sticking up for them.

Both star Kevin Durant and swingman Ben Simmons also received technical fouls earlier in the game, with the Nets seemingly frustrated at what they thought was an inconsistent whistle.


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