Fantasy baseball rankings, projections, strategy and cheat sheets


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All of your fantasy baseball draft preparation needs collected in one place! Here you’ll find rankings, projections, cheat sheets, analysis and strategy. Check back every day for new content through Opening Day of the 2022 season. If this is your first time playing fantasy baseball, might we recommend starting with the basics: The Playbook: How to play fantasy baseball.

Don’t have a team yet? Create or join a league and then dive into the latest draft-prep material tailored for whatever format you prefer.

Rankings, projections, depth charts and cheat sheets

• Cockcroft: Points-league rankings

• Karabell: Head-to-head categories/rotisserie rankings

• 2022 Player Projections and Outlooks

• Live Draft Results

• Closer depth chart

• MLB depth charts

Custom Dollar Value Generator

From our award-winning fantasy baseball analysts:


Is Shohei Ohtani fantasy baseball’s clear No. 1 pick?

From Eric Karabell

Washed up at 30? Where to draft Mike Trout

From Tristan H. Cockcroft

What is the impact of the universal DH for 2022 and beyond?

The Playbook: Become an expert in 9 innings

Inning 1: how to play fantasy baseball

Inning 2: League Formats: Which is right for you?

Inning 3: Everything you need to know about salary-cap drafts

Inning 4: How to create the ultimate cheat sheet

Inning 5: Roster optimization

Inning 6: Nine must-follow tips

Inning 7: Staying ahead of league trends

Inning 8: Using advanced stats to get ahead

Inning 9: Master the 2022 player pool

For Dynasty Leaguers

Dynasty Top 300

Fantasy Focus Baseball podcasts

In Case You Missed It: Fantasy Focus Baseball Archived Podcasts

From The Archives:

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